Letter Maze
Explore the world of words in a unique and innovative way with Letter Maze, the perfect game for lovers of mental challenges and linguistic puzzles. With more than 1040 varied and carefully designed mazes, it promises an immersive and entertaining experience simultaneously.

How to Play:
Each stage requires you to draw a continuous line to form the required word, with careful consideration of the starting point and the direction of drawing. Each level increases the difficulty of the puzzles and requires more creative and analytical thinking.

Linguistic Challenges:
Supporting (العربية , English), this game offers a variety of linguistic challenges suitable for players from different language backgrounds.

Easy and Attractive Design:
The intuitive user interface and attractive graphics make the gaming experience enjoyable and exciting for all ages.

Advanced Assistance System:
No need to worry if you face difficulty in a particular maze; the assistance system is designed to help you progress without losing interest.
If you encounter difficulty in any maze, you can use the help. And don't worry, if you used the help in a particular maze, you won't need to deduct a new help if you decide to play the stage again.

Variety of Levels:
Beginner: Players are directly provided with the required word. The goal is to connect the letters with a single continuous line to form the word.
Intermediate: Players are provided with one or two letters of the word, and they must guess the rest of the letters to form the word.
Expert: Players are presented with a puzzle or question, and they must connect the letters to form the word.
Legend: This level is the highest challenge in the game, where players must form a correct word from the drawn letters.

Download it now and start your journey in the world of words and puzzles!

Version: 1.24.50

Version: 1.24.50